What makes a good photo?

The question of what it takes to create a good photo offers numerous possibilities. But in a nutshell, a well-crafted photograph should tell a story. It must encapsulate an idea and draw the viewer in so they want to find out more.

Of course, focus and clarity are required – depending on the nature of the shot – but there needs to be something more. Whether it’s a seemingly straight forward portrait, a beautiful landscape or something altogether more arty, there has to be enough intrigue to pique the viewer’s interest.

For my company, I need top quality pictures to showcase my designs individually and to sell my brand overall. Without the photos to show off my products to best effect, my business could be a collection of ideas in the minds of potential customers.

shoes boots fashion Tivydale Susannah Wright vegan vegetarianNeilson Reeves Photography had already done my product shots, showing each design beautifully from the front, side and back, making them gleam and glisten in glorious detail. And I’d previously had some fantastic fashion shots with models taken by another photographer, Phil Tragen.

But I didn’t have any photos of me with my shoes – I needed pictures to show that my company is both creative and professional.

Colin Boulter at Neilson Reeves, came up with the idea of creating a temple of shoe boxes with the products placed on top and around, and me in the middle. Set against a black background, the white boxes are a good contrast and both provide a great backdrop for the colours of my shoes and boots.

Of course, the composition is complemented by various lights, the use of different lenses and some post-production trickery. And Colin’s talents as an experienced and experimental photographic artist are what bring all those elements together.

I love the shots as they look magical and a bit quirky, yet show that my brand is a serious operation which is emerging in the world of fashion.

As a lover of shoes, I never tire of looking at beautiful designs, and I hope that other people feel that fascination when they see the Tivydale brand.

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